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Book A Tee Time

Long Island National Golf Club is open to the general public for play. You can book your tee times in advance online or by calling the Pro Shop at (631) 727-4653.

Members have the right to reserve a tee-time fourteen (14) days in advance while the general public seven (7) days in advance of the day upon which you would like to play. If you are unable to make the tee time, the reservation must be cancelled within 48 hours. For non-cancellations, there will be a $50 cancellation charge applied to your credit card for every tee time booked under that reservation. Cancellations or changes may be made on-line or by calling the ProShop.

Single Players & Filling Foursomes: Single golfers are welcome and we will make every effort to pair up singles, twosomes & threesomes to complete a foursome. When possible, Long Island National Golf Club reserves the right to fill a tee time with players to complete a foursome. Single players must call the ProShop to reserve a tee time.

Golf Cart Fees, Walking & Pull-Carts: In order to maintain a four-hour round pace of play (18 holes), golf carts are required of all players before 3pm. Cart fees are an additional $20/person/round, Walking, hand-carts & trolleys are permitted only after 3pm. Please be mindful of keeping the hand-carts/trolleys off of the greens and out of hazards.

GHIN Handicap System: Members wishing to play in club tournaments must have a handicap registered at Long Island National Golf Club. To add an USGA/GHIN Handicap, there is an annual fee of only $40/year/person.